Home sweet home,

"We do not think out of the box, we think without the box."

One concept designer can change any command into an attractive wishful result. With a team of professionals we go beyond any imagination, because we are very good in what we love to do.

Any work we deliver has all the ingredients of your wishes, commands and knowhow mixed with our experience and skills. In this case; Design Dokter will make your product or service attractive, welcome.

Logo portfolio

Not just a sign or any sign with nice curves, hhh nope...
Here comes a logo, a sign, art that represents you as a company or your product or service. A brand that is made in shapes of letters, words, icons or all brought together to be what it is and to be how it should be.
''A good logo is like a one-dimentional magnetic puzzle; It fits in its context.

A logo by designDokter, will not get unnoticed 'we draw the line of attracation

Name branding portfolio

A name for the company, service or product could be good, just good. We believe in good better best. Knowing its national or international goal, while preparing it for the near future. Because any name or brand that you can not use freely is an error.
We rather prevent the biggest mistakes a lot of brainstormers make and help you with your goal to attraction and understanding to make is funny or serious or both.

A name by dD, will not get unnoticed, because "we draw a line of attraction"

Slogan portfolio

A slogan for the company or product that is made by dD, will not be unheard because "we draw a line of attraction"

Websites portfolio

As beautiful as you wish.


A balance between all the other results will be designed for the website to book the best results for the CVE customers visitors experience.


The first experience could be sharing your business card while hoping to be connected to a new customer. Let this impression be the first touchable attractive one.

"Drawing a line of attraction"

Product design portfolio

Does the product exist or the unique result of this product?

We can customize it to make it your own! Even when it is a Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari or any kind of object you own.
Wow...even when Adidas or Nike sells you a no, we sure can do it.

From dream to reality is the passionated feeling when it truly exists. Our designers are able to realize this dream while helping you reach its goals until it is touchable. This will be the moment to wake you up and enjoy all the results.

See some examples to get an idea.


We grew our company with a lot of good & free advise, you deserve it too. If our advise helps you to be more attractive & successful, you are welcome.